Flashing with an artist

Flashing with Ziggy an interview in words and pictures

Ziggy Blicharz’s photography was featured three times in the first thirteen weeks of 52|250. So we took time to ask Ziggy about his interest in underwater life and to bring our readers a few more of his sparkling gems. We should also note that Ziggy rolled the way we roll and offered an interview in fewer than 250 words.

How do you choose your subjects?

Underwater, I look for overall shape and character first. Then drill down further and further if the subject is complex or shows patterns. A lot like looking at clouds. You see the whole mass, then objects in the mass. No two people see them the same either.

Tell us how you started underwater, and what about being down there intrigues you so.

Always was a water rat. A vacation to Jamaica led to scuba, led to a shop, led to teaching, led to UW photography. Underwater, it’s so surreal and alien. How can you begin to describe it to someone? Plus the challenge of shooting UW. Completely opposite of shooting topside.

What does a photograph say to you that words cannot?

It freezes that second where only you and your mind have been. A fraction of a second can be the difference between the round file or a keeper. Composition can make you feel the object or make you say “what am I looking at?”

What inspires you when you set out to take pictures? Do you start with an idea, or do you happen on something along the way?

Underwater, you must know ahead of time what you’re shooting and bring that gear and that gear only. Macro, you’re shooting macro. You want Wide Angle, then that’s it. It’s the opposite of topside. Water is not air, it absorbs light. You have to be within 1″ to 4′ of your subject if you want to light it. So you better have a game plan.

What did you take a picture of today?

The honest answer (blushing), nothing….


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