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If you like the work you’ve read here, we invite you to visit 52|250 A Year of Flash to read more than 280 stories written during the first thirteen weeks of the challenge, as well as many more written since then as this year of writing flash continues. At the 52|250 website, you can comment on individual stories, submit theme ideas and art of your own, and join the 52|250 community.

We welcome new writers and artists — what are you waiting for?

We’d like to close by thanking all of 52|250′s contributors:

Derin J. Attwood ~ Llyvonne Barber ~ Christian Bell ~ Ziggy Blicharz ~ Ann Bogle ~ Doug Bond ~ Martin Brick ~ Estelle Bruno ~ Jodine Derena Butler ~ Melissa Chadburn ~ Elizabeth J. Colen ~ Ramon Collins ~ Ryder Collins ~ Sheldon Lee Compton ~ Katie Palmer Finn ~ Matt DeVirgiliis ~  Finnegan Flawnt ~ Lou Freshwater ~ Michelle Fuller ~ Susan Gibb ~ Kaston Griffin ~ Kelly Grotke ~ Matthew A. Hamilton ~ Jane Hammons ~ Stephen Hastings-King ~ Bernard Heise ~ Barbara-Lucy Hosken ~ Randal Houle ~ Kim Hutchinson ~ Elizabeth Irvine ~ Jeremy Kargon ~ Claire King ~ Eddie Kirsch ~ Dorothee Lang ~ Peter Larson ~ Roberta Lawson ~ Sara Lippmann ~ R. G. McLeod ~ Kait Mauro ~ Al McDermid ~ Kevin Myrick ~ Katherine Nabity ~ Ajay Nair ~ Michelle Ong ~ Gabriel Orgrease ~ Matt Potter ~ Shelagh Power-Chopra ~ Darryl Price ~ Damian Pullen ~ Sam Rasnake ~ Jen Rose ~ Catherine Russell ~ Angel Sharum ~ Beate Sigriddaughter ~ Linda Simoni-Wastila ~ Maggie Sokolik ~ Marcus Speh ~ Edward Stanchon ~ Steven Stucko ~ Elizabeth Kate Switaj ~ Heather Taylor ~ Susan Tepper ~ Ann Testa ~ Mark Waldrop ~ Michael Webb ~ Martha Williams ~ Cecelia Wyatt ~ Guy Yasko


4 Responses to “A place to share”

  1. As the editor in charge of correspondence who has NOTHING to do with layout, I would like to hoist a flute of cheap champagne to Michelle and Walt for their fantastic, tireless efforts to bring this edition of 52|250 to fruition. I am humbled by their energy and intercontinental drive to make this happen.

    I love being a part of this big, messy delicious project, and I am so excited to see what the rest of the 52|250 year of Flash brings.

    John Wentworth Chapin

  2. You’ve cast a net and caught some of the most diverse and skillfully written fiction here in such an interesting and full-bodied anthology. I’m so grateful to you all for your tireless efforts in the weekly and now this quarterly compilation of talent. Thank you and bravo!

  3. Apologies if the phrase is a tad trite, but indeed….the sum is greater than the parts. Thanks Michelle, John and Walter!

  4. Really great issue. Looking forward to the next one.

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